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Skin tone is and is not important when it comes to choosing lipstick, but forthose who think making bold statements with their lip colour is best left to those with more pout than clout, a classic look is the safest option. With a galaxy of shades and tones available, the simplest way to choose exactly the right shade for you is to stick within the colour chart traditionally associated with your skin tone.

Of course, today’s beauty mantra is that anyone can wear any colour, but for classicists some simple rules apply. The English rose with pink-toned skin is always best suited to ‘cooler’ colours (look for blue reds, blue oranges and blue pinks), while darker, Mediterranean types and those with Asian skins will enhance their features with orange-based shades. No colour is out of bounds, but ifyou want to play by the (traditional) rules, there will be a right red and a wrong red, a right pink and a wrong pinkforyou.

Black skins have the greatest choice of all – a whole spectrum of colours from the palest pastel to the boldest brights look great on dark complexions. Lastly, remember that hair colour is irrelevant to lipstick choice – Snow White and Pocahontas might both sport raven locks, but their skin tone (and hence their choice of lipstick) are absolutely worlds apart.

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