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For a very British take on hip-hop style, check out the made-to-order graffiti range from London-based duo Trakcyde. Jeweller Thomas Nayler and UK graf artist Wildeye offer handcrafted silver and gold pendants, earrings and rings with funky personalised lettering. Prices start from £35. Call 020-8671 916 or log on to for more details.

If it’s good enough for Jude Law, it’s good enough for me. Not Sienna, that is, but pole-dancing. Jude admits to dabbling with the art while filming Closer and now other men are turning to the pole as an alternative to the gym.

Instructor Nikki Smith gets me straight into a Fireman – a jump while both hands grip the pole, coupled with a manhood-challenging pelvic lunge. It’s a test of upper-body strength – just two moves in and I’m feeling the burn of arm muscles I never knew I had.

Before I know it, I’m being nudged into some sexier moves: a Knee-Hook into a Sling Heel, then a Bodyspin, finishing with a triumphantly sweaty glance at Nikki. ‘You’re the best journalist I’ve had,’ she smiles. Small praise considering my arms are still locked in the Corkscrew position.

The pole is good, clean fun and a tough workout. But I must admit I find it hard to walk past a lamppost without feeling wistful. For details of upcoming classes in London, Manchester and Bristol, call 020-7737 0831 or log on to

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