Best Hairstyles For Taurus


21 April – 21 May

You love to have things your own way, but a bit of give and take will pay you back tenfold, especially in the bedroom.

But Virgos tell it as it is, which could lead to arguments around the 19th. Listen to them – they’re only trying to help.

Men: You want a lot, but you’re not willing to invest as much as you were last month. There may be lots of nice men around, but you’re not looking that hard.

Work: This is the perfect time to start working your way back into the good books of the person you upset last month. You may even find yourself striking up a partnership with them as new career opportunities beckon.

Weekly forecast 0906 361 6929* Monthly forecast 0906 361 6941 **

Friends: Your friends are telling you what you want to hear right now, and not the facts.

Best Hairstyles For Taurus

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