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Heres to Healthy Hair

I’ve been writing about hair health for so long that I’m beginning to feel like one hair-head. I practically am, for that matter, for my hair has become so healthy that it grows like those weeds you always hear about and, what is better, it remains thick and very together all the while it’s growing.

My hair is healthy because I’ve always been practically paranoid about it. A friend once said to me, quite accusingly, that if I had all the riches the world could offer, and one hair was not quite right, I’d be unhappy. He was right there. For what good is a real crown if your crowning glory isn’t up to it?

Probably that hair paranoia of mine is the very reason why now my hair is the one thing about myself that satisfies me completely. For one thing, I have found (finally) the man who can cut it perfectly into a style that means no “hairdressing” and, therefore, no trouble to me. And I have found hair health.

Once you’ve gotten perfectly healthy hair, cut into a perfect shape that is perfectly simple for you to handle, then you’re well on your way to hair heaven. But first, it’s hair health, here we come.

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