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Protein, as you all know, I am sure, is most prevalent in meat, fish, fowl, milk, cheese, and eggs. And we will have more on the egg in a moment. Best hairstyles for asian men spiky hair

But, lest you still consider protein as meat and meat alone, keep remembering the other proteins the kind found in raw grains, nuts, seeds and beans, all of which are chock full of that valuable protein but also contain iron, silicon and sulfur which are some of the very best minerals for healthy hair growth.

Plant sources contribute seventy percent of the world’s protein supply. And check those soybeans. They’re the best possible source (they’re the commercial source, in fact) of our old friend, lecithin the same lecithin you’re using (I hope) to lithen up.

But what you don’t know yet is that lecithin contains two of the B vitamins that are most vital to beautiful hair. So you’re getting, with those beans, both the protein you need and the lecithin into the bargain. Best hairstyles for asian men spiky hair Pretty good for a bean.

As for eggs, lets consider them for a moment. For eggs are p’etfect in more ways than shape. They’re considered the most perfect protein of all. Best hairstyles for asian men spiky hair Protein gram for protein gram, the egg is said to have the most ability to support life itself, and eggs contain larger proportions of the amino acids that work on hair than any other protein, complete or otherwise.

(Complete protein simply means that all twenty-two amino acids are there. It’s complex, but, if you eat enough different kinds of protein, you’ll get them all.)
Now when we talk egg and hair, we’re not talking egg shampoo. That’s something else, and it’s just about as valuable as egg on your face meaning it’s not valuable at all. What we are concerned with is getting that egg into your body where it can do your hair some real good.

Many people are. of course, needlessly frightened by the egg. It’s that old cholesterol bogeyman again. I personally am more frightened by the idea of no hair, especially now that the validity of the cholesterol theory is being seriously questioned by medical men and scientists. Still, I’d be the last one to insist that you eat eggs if your own doctor says no.

Yet I hear many people (with rotten hair, I may add) say they wouldn’t dream of touching one. And I’ll bet they haven’t even bothered to have that cholesterol checked. It’s an easy test and one your physician can do in a flash.

Before you give up eggs, and possibly do a great deal of harm to your health and your hair, why not have that cholesterol checked? You may be in for a nice surprise, and find your cholesterol level beautifully low. If so, then you’re free to discover the egg and its wonderful effect on hair.

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