Best haircuts for thin fine hair

Choose the right tools. Use brand names you trust and know or that have been recommended to you.

Choose appliances that have speed and heat controls you’ll never need more than 1500 watts and use the nozzle to concentrate the heat, flow and your effort.

It makes sense to blow dry the back and sides first. Over 70% of the hair is distributed at the back of the head and you’d never leave the house with the front of your hair looking a mess, would you? Most of the bad
styling I see on the streets (sorry, occupational hazard) is when the back has not been styled. Keep the nozzle approximately 15 centimetres (6 inches) away from your hair.

Start blow drying on a higher temperature and reduce the heat and speed as the hair dries. Hair gets burnt by repeatedly going over the same area, drying out the moisture content in the hair cells.This results in dry, brittle broken hair. Using a nozzle on your hairdryer helps to direct and concentrate the heat and therefore results in quicker blow drying.

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