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But my hair, at that time (though I didn’t realize it), was not lively enough to cover me up as fast as I needed. For then I was on my strict low-carbohydrate diet, under the watchful supervision of Dr. Atkins, and I wasn’t straying one iota. And my hair wasn’t growing one iota either.

But that was long before I learned that protein deprivation shows up first on your head, in a lack of hair, so I was stuck with that skinhead cut and feeling miserably ugly.

And then, quite by chance, I found myself pleading with Dr. Atkins one day to allow me to return to my favorite breakfast of wheat germ and cream. Best haircut for wavy hair men I vowed that I could no longer face even one more egg in the morning. (For me, p.m. is the best m. for egg.)

Dr. Atkins relented, even though wheat germ contains carbohydrates, but he allowed me only three level tablespoons of wheat germ per day. If you’ll have a look at that amount, you’ll see it’s quite enough even for a lover of the stuff, as I am. Three tablespoons make for nine carbohydrate grams, so I was still well within the safe limit to keep my weight going down.

Delighted, I went on my merry wheat germ way and I got a very unexpected reward. The hair that had lain ugly and dormant for all those months began to grow in spurts. It grew fast. Best haircut for wavy hair men Now I know that every hair expert in the world says that hair can’t possibly grow more than six inches per year. If that’s true, then mine grew six inches between that spring day and September, because by that month it was touching my shoulders in back, and those crew cut bangs in front were by then hiding my brows. Best haircut for wavy hair men

Now, this isn’t True Confessions, but it is a pretty good illustration of what wheat germ can do for hair growth. For bear in mind that I was under the very strict supervision of Dr. Atkins and his diet during this whole hair-growing time and the only single element of my diet that changed was the addition of the wheat germ to that low-carbohydrate regimen.

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