Best Hair And Skin Beauty Foods And Diet

When all is said and done, make-up and topical skincare applications only add a superficial varnish to the full picture. Remember that inner health makes for outer beauty, and if you want the outside to look its best you have to nourish the inside. So the next time you feel pangs of hunger, it is worth reminding yourself that you really are what you eat and choose sensibly.

RED WINE taken in moderation has a marvellous effect on your health. The grapes used to produce the wine contain powerful and vitalizing antioxidants.

GREEN TEA is not just popular as an accompaniment to sushi. It boosts the immune system, and contains ingredients that help fight cancer as well as combat free radicals.

STRAWBERRIES are deliciously rich in vitamin C. They help the body absorb iron from other foods in the diet, and act as a general cleanser.

GARLIC will do more for your health than for your social life. It contains minerals that increase your energy levels, and a host of antioxidants to combat ageing.

ECHINACEA has long been popular in the USA to ward off colds and flu, and is widely gaining recognition as an anti-ageing remedy. In its raw state it is a herb with antibiotic properties.

BANANAS contain a high concentration of potassium and natural sugar. This sugar is quickly absorbed and raises energy levels for far longer than the refined sugars in chocolate do, making bananas a popular snack for athletes.

LIVE YOGURT (with acidophilus) helps maintain the natural bacteria present in the gut, so it is particularly beneficial to eat it ifyou are taking antibiotics (which tend to destroy the bacteria). It also protects you from bowel infections and can be used to treat thrush.

indir (2)CRANBERRIES AND CRANBERRY JUICE are natural diuretics, flush the system, and are often used to combat cystitis.

BEETROOT is an effective cleanser. When it is included in a healthy diet it helps to flush toxins from the blood and kidneys.

CELERY is amazingly low in calories (just four a stick). Munching on this healthy snack will benefit your figure and your complexion.

GREEN CABBAGE and spring greens are both high in iron. They are a fantastic source of other minerals and nutrients (particularly if you do not eat red meat) and aid in children’s healthy development.

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