Best Face Mask For Your Skin Care


Many women like to end the weekend and prepare for the week with a long, luxurious soak. “I’ve developed a completely hedonistic ritual. I take a bath by candlelight while listening to soft music and drinking while zinfandel,” says a Phoenix newspaper editor. “Then I apply Neutrogena Body Oil with a loofah, and finish up by applying my favorite rich, yummy body lotion.” A single working mother from Boulder, Colorado, has a similar routine: “Late Sunday nights, after my daughter has gone to bed, I take the portable CD player and my classical music CDs into the bathroom and take a long, relaxing bath in scented bath salts. While I’m soaking, I apply a face mask.”

• How to make the most of your time in the tub? “For relaxing, escapist baths, use products that contain lavender, geranium, rose, passion flower, neroli or chamomile. For uplifting, invigorating balhs, look for mint or citrus fruits,” says Alida Stevens, president of Smith & Vandiver, a toiletries company. “Generally, warm baths calm; cool baths stimulate.”

• Indulgent bath additives to try: Aphrodisia Citrus Spice Soap, Smith & Vandiver Botanical A.M. Showier Gel, Maison D’Aliotta Very Citrus Pure Vegetal Soap, Aphrodisia Naturals Woodsy Lavender Bath & Body Oil, Avon Soothing Seas Aromatherapy Foaming Bath Salts, Bath & Body Works Stress Belief Mineral Bath Salts, Noelle Spa Essentials Belax Bath Salts, Pure Petals (a four- by one-foot box filled with 900 fresh Jungle rose petals, opposite page, and a vial of Bulgarian rose oil is $78; call 800-SEND-ROSES to order).

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