Best Eyeshadow for Brown, Blue, Green, and Hazel Eyes


Fashion pundits are opting for a spectrum of bright shades, with Julien Macdonald, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen, to name but a few, sending models down the runway at their recent shows with eyes painted as brightly as their collections. If you want to add a hint of drama to your face with just a streak of one solid colour, or prefer to look like a double for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, let any old-fashioned taboos fly out of the window. The point of make-up, after all, is to play and experiment. With regiments of new writers, models and make-up artists espousing rules as if each were the eleventh commandment, it is easy to forget that make-up application should be fun.

The eye is a fabulous area on which to experiment with colour. Anything from darker, depth-creating shadows to glittery, light-reflecting options and Day-Glo shades will make sure that you are the brightest spark. Although there are no hard-and-fast rules, here are a few suggestions to make your experiments more fruitful:

1 Colour is an excellent tool for changing your look; instead of being frightened by it, use it to your advantage. Throw out any preconceptions you have – if it feels right, wear it. The best way to ease yourself into using colour is to start by using muted tones.

2 Make sure you do not smudge your entire face with emerald green shadow by preparing properly. Apply translucent powder beneath the bottom lashes first. This will act as a magnet to any falling shadow, and can be swept away once you have finished.

3 Do not match your eyeshadow colour to your clothes or lipstick. Clashing colours always look more modern.

4 Dominique Szabo of Estee Lauder says: ‘Green, yellow and brown hues are not ideal on Asian skins. Black skin is beautiful with any deep colours, like purple, red, dark blue, especially with pearlescent finishes. Fair skin looks good with browns and pastels.

5 Always prep your eyelids with foundation or moisturizer. This will ensure eyeshadow glides on easily, and prevent the colour from cracking.

6 For those who are not a dab hand with an eyeshadow brush, cream shadows are an easy way to achieve a smooth layer of colour using your fingers. Stick to one shade if applying cream shadow.


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