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Every enzyme system depends on the combined action of an apoenzyme, made primarily of amino acids, and a coenzyme, which usually includes a vitamin and or a mineral element. Every nutrient swallowed is acted on by at least one enzyme system. An increase of melatonin forming enzymes undoubtedly insults the nutritional mechanisms that balance the brain and nervous system.

Do dimly lit cocktail lounges provide atmosphere, or do they also up their customers’ bar bills? Their darkened interiors may be increasing melatonin production, insuring alcoholic thirst.

How much mental distress can we blame on our artificially lit environment? No one knows, but many of us move about like moles, moving from artificially lit homes to fiuorescent lit work areas to neon lit underground shopping centers. We drive in cars “protected” by tinted windshields and don sunglasses whenever we venture out of doors.
Full spectrum lights, designed to approximate natural dayiight, are now on the market. They do not produce enough ultraviolet rays to make your skin red or cause it to tan, but do provide health giving effects. They are so effective that plant lovers buy them to induce better growth and healthier foliage in light deprived house plants. Light deprived people surely deserve equal care.

Clear glasslike tinted plastics that do not screen out health giving ultraviolet rays are available for eye glasses and windows. For added protection, spend some time each day outdoors.

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