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Beating out an injury – and the world champ

To overcome her injury and win, tennis player Zena Garrison took an approach to positive thinking similar to the one taken by Greg Louganis.

Garrison was playing Monica Seles at Wimbledon in 1990. The following year, Seles would be ranked the number-one woman’s professional tennis player in the world. Even under the best of conditions, this would be a difficult match for Garrison.

In the midst of the competition, Garrison fell while going afer a shot. She got up carefully and checked her bloody knee to see how much damage she had done to her body. Then she checked the scoreboard: It was match point for Seles. If Seles won this point, Garrison would be eliminated from the tournament!

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But Garrison won the point. And she came back to win the match.

As she walked off the court a winner, sportscaster Bud Collins interviewed her for a worldwide television audience. He asked her what she was thinking about after the fall.

“Even in my junior days,” Garrison answered, “when I’d fall, I’d come back and win the match. I kept that in mind today.”

Zena Garrison could have thought about a thousand other things that day. But she thought about what she wanted coming back to win the match, as she had done many times before.

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