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Avoid the base mistake do not just slap on the same old product in the same old places day after day. Take a moment to look at yourself when you wake up in the morning. Our lifestyle plays a major role in the way that our skin behaves and, as our epidermis is a living organism, it changes with the weather, levels of pollution and our fluctuating hormone cycles. Pay close attention to your skin’s needs, and apply only what you need where you need it.

1 Before you even consider applying foundation, make sure you are using the right skincare so that you start off with as clear a complexion as possible.

2 Then assess the condition ofyour skin. Premenstrually, for example, it may appear spottier,and require special care.

3 Even if your skin looks wonderful, it is possible to enhance its flawless look further by using concealer a couple of shades lighter than the skin underneath your eyes (to disguise any dark circles) and dabbing some at the sides of your nose (to counteract redness).

4 A mere whisper of powder is a superb alternative to a base for those fortunate enough to be blessed with an even skin tone. Translucent powder creates an imperceptible veil that not only ‘finishes off’ your face, but also acts as a delicate mop to soak up any excess sebum.

5 Avoid heavy-duty liquid foundations for use during the day. Instead, a compact foundation, used lightly, offers enough coverage for most people and looks natural when not overapplied. It also fits conveniently into your handbag. Stick to oil-free products for daytime use even if you have dry skin (you can always compensate with a rich moisturizer), as these tend to stay put for longer periods and thus serve you better throughout the day.

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