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Except for those brands whose packages properly proclaim them to be “natural,” ice cream is likely to offer you alcohol, propylene glycol, vanillin, methyl salicylate, and ethyl acetate, substances as bad for you as they are hard to pronounce. Ethyl acetate, for example, is primarily a textile and leather cleaner. Its vapors have been known to cause lung, liver, and heart damage.

Food “faddists” who once held center stage in complaints about processed and devitaminized foods have been vindicated. All recent tests confirm that foods lose important nutrients as they travel from the garden to the stomach. Those made from refined grains fare the worst. Bread, once theg staff of life,” hardly resembles its former self. Wheat transformed into white flour loses more than 50 percent of its health giving vitamins and almost 90 percent of its minerals.

One of the great nutritional travesties is that many products made from virtually valueless flour are now labeled “enriched.” Over twenty nutrients are taken out, four are put back! Yet the public is constantly propagandized into believing they are buying a superior product.

Dr. Joe Nichols graphically decribes this “enrichment” process:
Suppose a mugger ordered you at gun point to strip down to your birthday suit, giving up clothing, shoes, underwear, wallet, credit cards, jewelry everything you possess. Then, should the thief take pity on you and return your wedding band, your socks, and perhaps your topcoat to cover your nakedness so you could get home, you might feel “enriched,” but I doubt it. That’s the equivalent of what’s taking place in the food industry. First they strip away everything of value then they put back a token selection of necessities and convince everyone they’ve been “enriched” by the process.

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