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Hair Transplantation
Among the most exciting advances in the treatment of hair loss today are found in the area of hair transplants, Today, sophisti cated techniques in the hands of skilled cosmetic surgeons are producing stunning results for women who take this route.

In hair transplantation, areas of scalp with healthy hair follides (.donor sites) are surgically transplanted onto bald patches (recipi ent sites). This procedure is also called hair graftirıg. It was devel oped in the 1930s by a Japanese dermatologist and first described in American medical literatüre in 1959.

Transplanted hair is taken from the back and sides of the scalp. The hair follides located there are not affected by the hormones that trigger androgenetic alopecia. Therefore, hair is less likely to fail out and should continue to grow, even after being relocated to another part of the scalp.

Are You a Good Candidate fora HairTransplant?
Until about ten years ago, many surgeons considered women with thinning hair unsuitable candidates for hair transplantation surgery. Not anymore. Thanks to developments and refinements in surgical techniques, many women can benefit from hair transplantation. Here’s a look at the majör factors that determine the results you’ll achieve from a hair transplant.

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