Best Beauty Products For Summer 2015

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The peel is the most common technique used to clear away the damaged surface layer of the skin. This process reveals visibly younger-looking and smoother skin, giving it a more radiant, even complexion Lancome’s innovative at-home glycolic peel promises to transform your skin. We asked two readers to put it to the test…

‘I’ve always been interested in beauty products and look after my skin pretty well. I’d say I’ve got combination skin; a shiny T-zone on my forehead, nose and chin, with slightly drier skin on my cheeks. So I religiously cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day as it’s important to me that my skin looks its best. Occasionally I might pamper myself with a face mask.

‘I have to admit that initially I was wary about trying face peeling. But Lancome Resurface Peel was a total revelation. I was really surprised at how simple it was to use and the results were fantastic.

‘My skin felt slightly tingly while the peel was on, but I just hoped that this meant the peel was working. Before the treatment, my skin felt a little tight and dehydrated. But after just one application it felt great. The enlarged pores around my nose had reduced in size and my complexion seemed more refined and even.

‘My skin looked brighter and felt smoother to touch. And when I used the Comforting Cream it just seemed to glide on and was absorbed more easily by my skin.

Initially I was wary about trying face peeling, but Resurface Peel was a total revelation. I was surprised at how simple it was to use and the results were fantastic

‘One thing I really liked about the Resurface Peel was the way it comes in one simple kit with everything you need, even a hairband to keep your hair back. I was also relieved to discover that the peel was very easy to use; the soft, wide brush was excellent for applying it. Also I couldn’t believe I only had to leave it on for five minutes.

‘I will definitely use the peel again, especially if I want to look good for a special occasion. Now,

I just can’t imagine my beauty routine without it.’

Sarah Maisey, 35, is a stylist from north Hertfordshire.

As a stylist, I seem to live much of my life on the road, racing from one place to another. And because I have such a hectic schedule, I find that I don’t really have the time for any complicated beauty rituals or facials. So products that promise to be fast and easy to use, like Resurface Peel, hold the greatest allure for me.

styl-118I wouldn’t describe myself as a typical beauty addict, more of a low-maintenance girl. I’m lucky in that my skin is pretty clear and normal, so I tend to go for the basics – cleanser, toner, moisturiser – and not much else.

I have to admit that normally I’m quite cynical when it comes to these miracle-in-the-jar beauty products. I like to stick to my usual products and I rarely experiment with anything new. But as I do quite a bit of travelling, I’d say my main problem is that sometimes my skin lacks radiance, and I’ve started to notice a few fine lines appearing here and there.

I honestly didn’t expect to see any great difference. But, amazingly, the peel seemed to do everything that it says on the package. I really was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Before beginning the peel, my skin looked a little tired and dull. Afterwards, I think the biggest difference for me was that I noticed a marked reduction in the appearance of fine lines and my skin felt incredibly radiant. In fact, even my boyfriend commented on how good my skin looked and how soft it felt.

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