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Four friends kick back and recreate the SummerofLove

I’m a big fan of Eve Selis and quite like Berkley-Hart too, but after being led to believe that this was a new album from Eve herself, and not a collaboration; I was initially disappointed even before hearing a note.

So, I was actually relieved listening to the first track 77>/s/s Home which is not only trademark Eve Selis; but also features a duet and sun-soaked harmonies with Caiman Hart.

Berkley, Hart, Selis and Twang have close been friends for years now; often touring together and during early 2013 someone had the bright idea to write a song together and that led to the logical conclusion that the songs worked extremely well when the foursome all contributed to the construction and the album was a logical conclusion.

With Berkley and Hart’s rich voices supporting her; Eve Selis has the freedom to express and challenge herself on songs like If I Lost You and California Mountain Time but it’s on the duets Tomorrow on My Mind and Burn/ngi/g/if that the album springs into life; with Eve’s voice never sounding finer.

As expected if you know the people involved there are a couple of (soft) rockers here with Delilah using the Bible story as a metaphor for a man’s emasculation in a relationship and Long Road Back to Love is simply spellbinding and promises to be a highlight of theforthcoming UK tour.

My favourite song, and one that will raise a smile from every parent who hears it is Let’s Go Out Drinking Tonight which has a kicking chorus and a honkytonk melody to die for.

One song stands apart from the others, Oh Washington1, which I was surprised to find tucked away in the middle of the album as it has all the hallmarks of a powerful last song of the night. Opening with a Dylanesque harmonica solo, the quartet go on to poke professional politicians with a very pointy stick and lyrics that are so barbed they could have been cribbed by Crosby, Stills, Nash or

Young’s homework books.

Yes; BHST hark back to the halcyon days of Laurel Canyon and the West Coast ‘sound’ but they do it with a new found ‘edge’ and it sounds as fresh as a daisy.

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