Benicio the magnificent

Benicio the magnificent on What? Joshua asked hungrily. I miss Grandpaw. I really do. Whens he coming back from Florida? After everyone had gone to bed, Joshua poured himself another Scotch and flicked on the TV, catching the last period of the hockey game. He was half asleep on the sofa when the phone rang, jolting him. Not the hospital, he thought. Please, no. Benicio the magnificent 2016.

Benicio the magnificent

In his latest film, Sin City, Latino love god Benicio Del Toro plays a renegade cop in a messed up, superviolent world. By Lesley O’Toole

Sin City is based on a graphic novel, and it is pretty graphic when it comes to women and violence.

It’s violent like Tom and Jerry.

So what’s in the film for us girls?

Clive Owen. And the girls in Sin City really take care of themselves. Hey, my character, Jackie Boy, gets chopped up by a woman. Maybe he’s a feminist.

Did you pick up anything British from Clive?

Maybe his James Bond qualities.

What’s the least Bond-like you’ve been on film?

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which I gained lots of weight for. I don’t know if I’d put on that much again – it was painful and not healthy, and my back still hurt a year later. It was like that film Super Size Me – just eat as much as you can. And now you never touch junk food?

I do seem to gain weight pretty fast now.

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