Benefits Of Exercise While Pregnant

The results produced one big surprise:

The group that performed the physical practice went from 13 hits at the start of the project to 22 hits afer the seven practice sessions, an improvement of 70 percent. That was no surprise. The group that entered the alpha level and imagined shooting at the goal for the seven practice sessions improved from 12 hits to 20 hits, an improvement of 68 percent. Again, this was not a big surprise but confirmed previous research projects.

It was the third group that produced the big surprise. No one had ever published a report about what would happen if you combined both mental and physical practice. Would the practice time be so short as to depress the overall results? Would the results be similar to the other two groups?

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Cecelia had done some research and found that researchers in the field of sports psychology had speculated that improvement would be even greater with physical practice and mental practice than with either of the two alone. But how much better?

The group that divided their practice time between mental and physical practice started with virtually the same number of hits on target as the other two groups. But when tested again after seven practice sessions, they scored a total of 31 hits, an improvement of 160 percent – more than double the improvement of either of the other two groups!

The evidence is clear: When you combine effective mental rehearsal – as Workout and Fitness will teach you to do in this blog – with appropriate physical practice – as your coach or trainer will instruct you -you will be a superstar compared to athletes who use either physical practice or mental practice alone. In Section 2 you will learn to use visualization and imagination at the alpha level, the way the field hockey players did.

But first, you need to learn how to enter the alpha level. Will you invest 15 minutes a day to learn to enter the alpha level with conscious awareness? If so, you will learn how to apply the workout and fitness techniques of the Exercise Method to succeed. We’ll provide step-by-step guidance, so you will know exactly what to do.

It is easier to do it than to explain it, so let’s get right on to the first mental training exercise – also known as a conditioning cycle – from Workout and Fitness.

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