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Having a ginormous rose quartz on your desk isn’t as woo-woo as it sounds. Crystals are now finding their way into seriously high-tech skincare formulas – their vibrations and energy praised for balancing our skin and hectic lifestyles. ‘It makes sense,’ says Kristin Petrovich, co-founder of Själ Skincare, which infuses a variety of crystals into products. ‘We are all made up of minerals and our bone structure is crystalline, so we naturally resonate with gemstones.’

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In skincare, it’s thought that crystals enhance the energy of other ingredients, making some extremely effective at soothing redness and boosting circulation. ‘Everything in the universe has a vibration,’ continues Petrovich. ‘Crystals vibrate at a high frequency, so when used on the face or body, their healing energy travels towards weaker cells helping to balance them in a type of electronic exchange.’

While there is little scientific evidence to substantiate this, some crystals can have physical benefits. ‘Rubies can be used to exfoliate, and rose quartz buffs away impurities and was used as a face mask in ancient Egypt,’ says Millie Kendall, co-founder of BeautyMART.


A quick shot of superfood powder in the morning bypasses the solubility and absorption problems that hamper traditional supplements because it doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals. One to try is the Macacha Energy Plant Protein Shake created by Inés Hermida, former head of health and beauty at Whole Foods, who saw a demand for powders that were free from synthetics. ‘Savvy customers prefer using a powder over tablets or capsules to avoid bulking agents like talc and magnesium silicate, and whitening agents such as titanium dioxide,’ she says. ‘Our powders are obtained through drying the plant and then grinding it, so we retain all of the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, bioflavonoids, polyphenols and other components that give plants their colour, smell and taste.

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