Beauty Makeup Trends Spring Summer

The key thing here is to create a bronzed glow without ending up orange! First, make-up artist Troy smoothed on a thin layer of tinted moisturiser as a base.

“Use one with a shimmer or just add a few drops of a shimmer lotion, like Clinique Colour Rub All-Over Lustre, £14.50, to the one you already have,” says Troy. “Rub over cheeks, chin, nose and eyelids – just like moisturiser. Next, take a big brush, dab it in a little bronzer and brush mainly over the parts of your face that get hit by the sun first (nose, forehead and chin).”

Troy used a beige lipstick but most of us couldn’t pull this off. “Beige lipstick can make the mouth disappear into the face unless you have full lips,” explains Troy. “There are lots out there if you dare, but alternatively dab lips with a nude or beige gloss. Finally, use a dark liner on your lower inner lid and brush lashes with black mascara.”

1 Dior Addict Lipstick in Rose Reflex, £14

photo copy 10

2 Lancome Juicy Tubes in Fresh, £ I 1.50


3 Clarins Jewel Highlights in Warm Accents, £26


4 Avon Lash Designer, £5


5 Lancome Star Bronzer Compact Bronzing Powder SPF 8 in 02 Intense, £21


Words: Sam Dean. Photographs: Vincent Dilio. Make-up: Troy Surratt. Hair: Nick Irwin. Still lifes: Karin Taylor. We shot at Little Good Harbour, Barbados. A cluster of luxurious, wooden villas with a pool and views of the Caribbean sea.

There’s also an excellent fish restaurant with a beautiful terrace. See for details 6 YSL Long Lasting Eye Pencil in 7, £ 13.


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