ARGAN OIL. Obviously.

AVOCADO. I’m the oil queen I love fatty acids. Avocado is heaven in my mouth.


I just need one vintage dress to wear and it makes me happy. It’s perfectly shaped to my body, it makes me feel super feminine, and I know I’m not taking up more resources than we need to. Vintage all the way!

OREGANO OIL. I’m really into being barefoot. I love to mix oregano oil with coconut or argan oil and massage it better yet, have someone else massage it on the bottoms of my feet. It’s really healing and so relaxing.

RECYCLED CASHMERE. My mom taught me to recycle old cashmere socks and sweaters by making other things out of them, like pillows. Don’t waste good cashmere! beauty assortment and introduced the QVC customer to a new ingredient that’s focused on natural benefits without any added chemicals or unnecessary ingredients, Lennon explains of its popularity. As we see our customer focusing more than ever on long-term health and wellness, argan oil has resonated tremendously.

Maran acknowledges the audiences at Sephora and QVC are very different, but that they share a common interest. They’re all beautiful women who want love and life and harmony and goodness in their lives. They may be different age ranges, but I feel like we’re talking to a regular woman who wants to be a part of something that’s inspiring and good in the world. Maran has no intentions of slowing down. The line has expanded to include body-care products that feature argan oil, and a light version of the oil as well. And, she says, she’s not afraid to tackle the almighty dollar so that the line can prosper along with other women around the world.

When I was working on the line I would say, I’m going to do $100 million and sell [the company] for $300 million,’ and I don’t think I thought I was really going to but it was a game to move possibilities around. It’s really fun to go for it. There are people who think I’m a cute, young, or not-so-smart thing, but I keep saying we’re going to do, say, $200 million this year, and I keep beating it out of the park.

And some of that money is funneled into her plan to give back. I am loving making beautiful things that delight my customers and also, in kind of a beautiful, easy way, they know they are actually making a difference with their purchases without having to do the heavy lifting of figuring out how to transform the planet. I want to be a model for companies that start with changing the world.

And her goal is no small potatoes: $100 million by 2020 to reinvent the planet. Currently, she supports the co-ops, preservation of the argan forests, polar bears, City of Hope cancer center, and a yearly changing program called Model Citizen, where funds are funneled to a selected person’s charity of choice.

And don’t even think about telling her she won’t make it.

[All along] I definitely had a lot of No’s’ coming toward me, Maran says. I was a model, so people didn’t really believe in my business mind. And I didn’t really fight against that. I just realized I had a lot to learn and dove in. Trying to make things in a different way that had never been done before and that people didn’t believe would work the process hasn’t been easy, but it’s just made me work harder and stick to my truth.








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