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Stop hiding behind those Prada shades and accept that your eyes always give away your age. No matter how hard we work at keeping other areas of our body looking young, telltale ‘laughter lines’ will insist on fanning out visibly at the corners of our eyes. And it does not stop there. The onset of crow’s-feet means we are only the twinkling of an eye away from a pair of crepey eyelids (the sort that not even one of Stila’s glossiest shadows will stick to), making it even harder to wear make-up, just when we need it most.

But before you take the drastic action ofgiving up laughing altogether, think about how hard the eye area actually works. Considering that eye muscles move on average an astounding 100,000 times a day, it is not altogether surprising that the eye area is particularly prone to premature ageing. Add to this the fact that the skin around the eye is only 0.5 mm (V32 in) thick and roughly half the density of the skin on the rest of your face, and you will swiftly realize that maintaining a pair of youthful-looking peepers is going to require a substantial outlay, both in time and money.

Of course, not everybody over the age of 29 walks around with under-eye bags larger than a Fendi tote. Among the array of anti-ageing products which saturate the market are some highly effective lotions and potions that protect the eye area from dehydration, UV rays and atmospheric damage, as well as smoothing out the appearance ofsurface lines and wrinkles.

‘Ifyou wake up with puffy eyes, chances are the moisturizer you used the night before is too rich or you applied too much. A trick for couerintj dark circles is to use a concealer with a warm peach tone to neutralize the bluish tone ofthe dark circle.’ Robin Siegel, chief make-up artist for Friends and celebrity make-up artist with Fred Segal Beauty, Los Angeles

Available in different forms (creams, gels, capsules, mousses and masks) and for every age group and skin type, today’s eye products are more effective than ever before. Modern thinking embraces an alliance of both hi-tech and natural ingredients in eye care, enabling the forces of science and nature to combine in the battle against premature ageing.


1 That your skin gets warmer while you sleep, allowing it to absorb active ingredients more easily. That is why intensive eye treatments are best used at night.

2 That the majority of blepharoplasty or ‘eye job’ operations are sought by women who have spent years overapplying gel to the eye area. Unable to break down, it sits as unsightly deposits undertheeye, resultingin bags that can be removed only by a plastic surgeon.

3 That using eye creams with natural ingredients is not always the gentlest way to treat the delicate skin surrounding your peepers. Ifyou have sensitive skin, you may be allergic to live plant extracts and should opt instead for hypoallergenic products, which probably contain more chemical ingredients, but will ultimately be better for your skin type.

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