Beard with very short hair

Now, with bleaching or perming, that cuticle must be deliberately opened out a little like peeling a banana so that the tinting or permanent wave solution can penetrate. Now you can see how such a process leaves your hair wide open for some pretty severe damage. As these solutions are, by necessity, alkaline, you can see just how severe the damage could be.

Most of the hair-products manufacturers are busily educating salon people, these days, as to just how important it is to re-condition the hair with both protein and acid after such a deliberate alkalinization of the hair. Otherwise, you just could end up with the hair equivalent of a hangnail, i.e., your hair cuticle hanging out, instead of holding in close to that medulla. If it does, your hair will look scraggly and hang-hair, not sleek and shining the way we want it to be.

Therefore, please leave any alkaline doings to the salon experts. And when it comes to doing it yourself, do it up acid. Here, once again, your Nitrazine papers become the indispensable little beauty-testers you must always have handy. I am sure that, if you try them on some of the products you’re using on your hair right now, you’ll probably be surprised if one of those strips turns bright blue. If it does, drop that product immediately. With hair, blue won’t do!

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