Beach Waves Tutorials

Most beautiful hairstyle of all times a messy beach waves, without a doubt. It looks good on any women and it gives you carefree but cool look. That is why there are hundreds of beach waves hair tutorial on youtube.

There are some different techniques for achieving this beautiful look but common thing for all is using right products that hold the curl and avoid the frizz. Sea salt serums are very popular for achieving this look. But you can also use any ant-frizz product and hair cream to take care of your hair before styling it.

Here are some ways of achieving beach waves

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Beach Waves Tutorial-Flat Iron

Surprisingly, flat iron works better for achieving messy beach waves than curling iron. For this look you should divide your hair into little sections. Take one section and put it between the flat iron and start twisting it. Apply it to all of your hair.

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Beach Waves Tutorial-No Heat

If you love beach waves but at the same time don’t want to damage your hair with heat, you can try no heat waves. For this you need 3 scarfs.

All you have to do is doing French braid but you should add one scarf to each section of braid so that waves become bigger. After sleeping on your braid one night, style it simply so that you don’t damage your curls.


Second option for no heat beach curls is sock bun. For this look, grab an old sock and cut the toe off of it, then roll it until it becomes like a big bun. Then make a big pony tail at the top of your head and roll your pony tail into the sock bun. Sleep overnight and ta-daaa. You have big bouncy beach waves…

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Beach Waves Tutorials


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