BARBARA MORI HAIRSTYLES on North of the King’s Road is not so interesting, though the Fulham Road, which marches between Chebea and Kensington, a little uncertainly as to which it belongs to, has points of concern; good hospitals, pubs (notably the Queen’s Elm, already mentioned, °° whose site Elizabeth I is said to have sheltered in a thunder LUN BAWANG BUEK TANG ARANG GAWA BA KELALAN SARAWAK MALAYSIA Geography Population Map cities Kuching, Miri, Sibu, Mulu and Other Towns ABC Tours storm under a tree) and some good shops. The Vale opposite Paul ton’s Square has some trysting values for those interested in British art, as at No. lived thc potter de Morgan, and farther down, the surgeon autocrat of the Slade School, Henry Tonks. But Old Chebea is housed south of the King’s Road, between it and themcr, and to get to it the visitor should go perhaps best down Moving eastwards to No. (of )here Mrs Gaskell was born in , but she moved almost immediately; No. a is Adiim isli, and then (leaving Battersea Bridge on your right) Cruaby Hall looms in Danvers Street on your left (Mondays to Fridays, , ; Saturday and Sundays, a ). Now, as hostel of thc British Federation of University Women, it is partly of but partly of about that earlier part stood for aome four and a half ccnturies in Bishopsgate, originally the house of a rich City wool merchant, Sir John Crosby, until removed stone by atone to Chebea where it haa happy local associations with Sir Thomas More who Wolfratshausen English Wolfratshausen Weather Station Record Historical weather for Classic Style Map of Bad Tlz Wolfratshausen owned it briefly, in Bishopsgate, in . BARBARA MORI HAIRSTYLES 2016.



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