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Laser Hair Transplantation

With most hair implants, holes or slits are made in the recipient site with a surgical scalpel or other special instrument. Increas ingly though, some surgeons are using highly focused laser beams to create the slits into which the grafts are inserted.

The use of laser technology for hair transplants is very new, employed for the first time in 1992. There are different types of lasers in use. One of the chief types is the pulsating laser, in which the light beam is rapidly pulsed up to hundreds of times a second.

These lasers create holes by vaporizing scalp tissue, thus minimiz ing injury to surrounding tissue. Small amounts of bald tissue can also be removed, and this reduces the total area of baldness on the scalp. Lasers are not normally used to harvest the donor hairs.

Advocates of lasers in hair transplants say that their use reduces bleeding, prevents a lumpy look on the scalp, cuts the length of the operation, and eases patient discomfort.

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