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I don’t believe this one there’s no need to buy detox shampoos or switch brands all the time. If you want a quick detox for your hair and scalp, simply leave the lather in your hair for a few extra minutes before rinsing.
People often ask me how often they should wash their hair.The answers are usually always the same: it’s up to you to decide how often your hair needs washing.

Much depends on your hair’s texture and personality, as well as your lifestyle and environment. Fine hair usually needs to be washed more often than thick hair but it also makes sense to me that as we wash our faces every day, we should probably wash our hair as often!

Should you spend or splurge on a shampoo (and its partner, conditioner)? There is certainly a lot to be said about the weird and wonderful array of products out there, from caviar extract to bull’s sperm. I’ve tried them all and while some have certainly made the hair feel lovely others have not been so successful. We are all much more aware of environmental issues now and buying organic products is high on the agenda for many of us.

You may want to make an ethical decision when it comes to your shampoo. But all said, shampoos are essentially cleaning agents and you need to consider that when you are enticed by all the wonderful marketing claims. Many of the leading super brands do have amazing research facilities I’ve visited many of them and I’ve certainly been impressed with the know how and research that goes into how a shampoo effects the tensile strength of the hair and its elasticity. Many of these brands have founded great technology and patented their formula.

One ingredient to look out for is Dimethicone. It’s a silicone and appears in most shampoo brands to some degree and its efficacy can have great results for shine. However, the higher up the ingredients listing it appears the more negative the effect it can have on the hair. These negatives include creating a barrier that colour and heat styling cannot penetrate evenly or consistently, so beware of low budget brands that use these ingredients liberally.

Back view of short hairstyles stacked

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Back view of short hairstyles stacked

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