B-complex vitamins

Now I rarely approve of separating the B-complex vitamins, for the simple reason that the B vitamins are not simple. They are complex indeed. You will see in our Vitamin Vitality chapter that the B vitamins should not be separated particularly by a vitamin-novice. For they are put together in such delicate balance that an overdose of one will cause a deficiency of another. As I said, I will explain this more fully in a later chapter.

But with B-6, I decided to make a single exception. I was already taking a potent B-complex formula every day. I decided to add the fifty milligrams of B-6 just to see.

I saw all right. I saw my body getting skinnier by the day. Now mind you, all this while, I was still counting to 1,000 on my daily calories. But I was having the time of my life using those calories in the foods I loved. Foods like that whole-grain bread my particular weakness and I was probably doing the healthiest eating I’d done in years, thanks to all that diet self-education.

I ate raw wheat germ for breakfast each morning. I’d eaten wheat germ in place of cereal for years, mostly because I like it. But when I read that even the little bit of toasting in the wheat germ one ordinarily finds in the supermarkets could destroy some of the vitamin E content, I hopped over to the raw variety. At first, it tasted like green weeds. Then I grew to love it. And I topped it off with that necessary daily dose, one tablespoonful of lecithin, and a bit of cream (all, I might add, added up at the day’s end. And carefully added, too).

Every meal was ended with that cider vinegar brew that washed down the kelp. And now the B-6.

Then soon, very suddenly, miraculous things began to happen to my shape. My clothes actually hung on me. (Perhaps I should say, off me, for at this point there was trouble keeping them from falling off. I never thought I d come to the point of complaining about nothing to wear because I couldn’t keep things on. Usually the complaint comes the other way around when you find you can’t fit into your clothes. Or, at least, it always had with me.)

All of the weight that caught up with my low-carbohydrate act, and learned to bypass it, went off, and then some. And the inches went off as well.

I wasn’t content to accept my own experience as the fact, for I know that 1 am not the norm. I do have abnormal blood sugar, and 1 did have that very low-normal metabolism, so I decided to try this particular formula on someone else everyone else I could find. The first trial run was on a lush young thing who was summer-jobbing at the Times. She couldn’t have been more pleased at the chance to play guinea pig for me. Cl told you guinea pigs are all over the place when it comes to diet-trials.)

This young lady swore she couldn’t lose weight. Sound like an old story to you? It did to me, and I swore she could lose that much-too-extra weight that kept her just short of being a ravishing beauty. For here was a girl, a very young girl nineteen who had the beautiful bone structure all right, all hidden by lots of unnecessary, and unbeautiful, fat.

Needless to say, she screamed “glands.” And, of course, I declared nonsense. For I do believe, with Carlton Fredericks, that the chances of the glands being the culprits are slim, indeed.

This girl went on the prescribed 1,000 calorie diet and learned to count to precisely that amount and not one calorie more. She took lecithin, she drank vinegar, she swallowed kelp and vitamin B-6 . . . and, since she wasn’t taking a B-complex before, I suggested one for her.

Within one month, she had to buy a completely new back-to-school wardrobe. What nineteen-year-old wouldn’t be delighted with that! Not only was she delighted with her new clothes, but with her new body and those beautiful bones that had finally begun to emerge from beneath the layers of fluffy fat that had hidden them all of her life. Her father, who paid for the new wardrobe, was nevertheless so delighted with her results that he went on the diet himself.

My last report from this heretofore fat young lady was that she weighed in at 112 pounds and was looking glorious.

And that’s not the only trial-without-error in this low-calorie-plus routine. One of the characters in The New York Times art department (all art departments seem to have characters, ours has more than most) wondered aloud, and to me, how I could eat my lunch in the same Greek restaurant that he did and keep on getting thinner while he grew fatter. For, though the Greeks are good cooks, their cuisine is not noted for its slimming effects. My fast answer and I have lots of them now was a mini-course in calorie counting, plus the suggestions he forget beef-and-booze, switch to fish (a Greek favorite, and something they do particularly well), plus a recommendation to the four friends of the low-calorie routine lecithin, vinegar, kelp, and B-6. There is a marvelous caricature that hangs over my desk. It shows this arty character pulling in his belt by three notches. And all done in three weeks.

As for myself, when my low-calorie life had taken me as low as ninety-eight pounds, I stopped. After all, no man wants no woman.

But I continue to think fat! I always will.

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