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Now that Propecia is avaiiable for the treatment of male-pattem hair loss, many doctors will be reluctant to prescribe Proscar for cosmetic treatment of hair loss. Suddenly, the cost of hair regrowth will rocket from less than $15.00 per month to $55.00 or $60.00 for the thirty-day treatment. To add insult to injury, few insurance companies will reimburse for elective cosmetic treatment, so Propecia may well be an unpleasant shock to many a Audrina Patridge Hair Styles.
The production capacity for finasteride is already up and going. It seems that only marketing and pack-aging are going t o have t o change.
Sophisticated consumers will probably try to continue obtaining a Proscar prescription for the pricing and insurance advantage. There is, however, also a question of storage. Will splitting the pills cause them to lose some of their potency? This question has been raised, perhaps to discourage the use of Proscar for hair regrowth. It might be a moot point, because if you Audrina Patridge Hair Stylessplit one pili at a time, the split pili will only be stored for three days; because the one-quarter pili of Proscar contains 1.25 mg of finasteride, it will stili probably have over 1 mg of active finasteride the dosage of Propecia. Cut or split Proscar should be stored in a dark, dry, cool place in as airtight a small Container as possible to maintain its maximum potency. Refrig-eration is okay (but not necessary except in extremely hot Audrina Patridge Hair Styles).

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