Asymmetrical Haircuts for Hair

Asymmetrical haircuts are edgy, brave and make you stand among the crowd. After Rihanna made her debut with asymmetrical bob cut, this hairstyle became seriously popular.

Asymmetric style can be achieved with both long and short hair so you don’t have to go short to get this look or wait your hair to grow. The most important thing about such style is to choose right length suitable for your face shape and hair texture. There are so many options when it comes to asymmetrical hairstyles so there are good options for everybody.

Asymmetrical Haircuts for Short Hair

There are two options for asymmetrical short haircut; A line bob or pixie haircut. Both of these hairstyles are low maintaince and perfect for thin hair. Both A line bob and pixies haircut can be used to create counter-balance and harmony in bland features.

These hairstyles can also be achieved by less drastic differences. If you already have a Bob haircut, it can be brought to one length on one side of the head and gradually increase in length to another point on the opposite side of the head

Asymmetrical Haircuts for Long Hair

Although asymmetrical haircuts for long hair is not very common, there are still options. You can either try long asymmetrical bob or asymmetrical fringes. Both will accentuate your face features and will make you look beautiful yet edgy.

Asymmetrical Haircuts for Hair

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