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Most of the elements mentioned by Miss Davis are the B vitamin foods, and B vitamins seem to be the ones that are there to keep our hair colorful as well as healthful. Take pantothenic acid, for one more personal-experience example from me. Asian hairstyles for girls I know a gentleman who is in his nineties (he won’t let me tell his exact age told you about men!) and who is still outlasting and outdancing everyone including his twenty-year-old grandson at his birthday parties.

(He likes his toddies, too, but at over ninety I feel he has that right.) This man has been loading up on calcium pantothenate, or pantothenic acid, for years, in addition to his regular daily B-complex capsule. Asian hairstyles for girls According to his wife (a beauty in her seventies who looks fifty, thanks to the same vitamin regimen), this man’s hair had, at one point, turned white. It has now returned to steely gray. Not bad for over ninety. And not bad for pantothenic acid.

I don’t agree with his method of separating the B vitamins. But, on the other hand, it is just possible that his B-complex didn’t contain enough pantothenic acid to start with. Until you reach the chapter on Vitamin Vitality (unless you wish to look at it right now), you won’t be sure about the B-complex you’re taking. Perhaps you should check that chapter this very minute.

PABA, which is short for para-aminobenzoic acid, another B vitamin, is apparently one of the very best of the B’s for natural hair re-coloring. I imagine you have read of the experiments being done in Europe with procaine, which is a first cousin of novocaine. Asian hairstyles for girls Reports credit procaine with remarkable abilities to bring color back into graying hair. If it is true, which 1 do not know for sure, then I think it can safely be attributed to the fact that procaine is filled with PABA, our old colorful friend or so Carlton Fredericks informed an astonished me.

The third anti-gray factor among the B vitamins would appear to be folic acid, which Dr. Fredericks tells me contains PABA, as well. Folic acid is another B vitamin that’s hard to get or at least hard to get enough of, thanks to the FDA, which fears toxicity problems. Asian hairstyles for girls I cannot imagine such problems with the B vitamins, but I am not going to step beyond the limits of the FDA and say they don’t exist. I just simply go right on taking the number of micrograms of folic acid that make up the amount I need to keep all my B’s in proper line.

With all the B vitamins working on color, there’s still protein, and that’s what your hair is still all about. A group of scientists (nutrition scientists, they were) at the University of California at Berkeley have shown that ‘protein deficiency can cause loss of hair color. Didn’t I tell you that your hair was the very first place to show such deprivation?

The Berkeley experiment involved eight healthy male volunteers who were kept in a research ward for three months and fed a liquid formula diet three times a day. One group got seventy-five grams of protein daily while the other received none at all. I’ll give you just one guess as to which group turned white in three months. The no-protein crowd, of course. And even more horrifying than white, their hair roots were atrophied. It’s enough to make you even more pro-protein, right?

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