Angled layered bob haircut

My reputation as one of the world’s leading hairstylists has led me to the four corners of the world. I’ve been described as a’saviour’, a ‘saint’, a’hero’, an ‘angel sent from heaven above’all because I can transform a woman’s hair. I’m booked up months in advance and recognised in the street.

I’m trusted as the beauty journalist’s first point of call for all things hair, whether it’s Vogue or Cosmopolitan, the tabloids or broadsheets or the TV chat show sofa. So I decided it was high time to write the definitive hair book and share all of my knowledge, secrets and know how with you.

With my own brand of haircare, electrical tools, hair extensions, brushes and hair accessories much of my life is now managed by my team and I guess you could say I’ve got it pretty easy now.

But in spite of having the endless help and support of my PA, PR, MD, CEO, agent, trainer, publicist and my dear editor, and even after being crowned’British Hairdresser of the Year’, what I love doing most is hair.There will always be new frontiers to cross, more for me to learn and share.

As long as hair keeps on growing, I’ll be happy because I can feed my addiction, my addiction to transforming women and giving them Shiny Happy Hair!

Hair can be transformed in a 1001 different ways.

From the subtle to the spectacular, a haircut can sum up your personality and make a huge difference to the way the world perceives you, from glamorous to casual, trendy to classic, cared for and nourished or heaven forbid dirty or damaged. Hair has huge religious, cultural, traditional and iconic significance.

It can say more about fashion and time that any magazine article, and can bring forth powerful emotions, from tears of sadness to tears of joy and everything in between. And achieving Shiny Happy Hair.

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