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Northumbrian pipes a go-go Andy May is the piper in residence with the fabled Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies, stalwarts of the folk scene and proud residents

of the North East. I’m afraid I don’t know if this is the first album to carry his name, but it is certainly the first to carry the name of the Andy May Trio. The other two members being Ian Stephenson on guitar, melodeon and bass, and Sophy Ball on fiddle, both equal stalwarts on the English folk music circuit. For those slow on the uptake I should also have said that Andy May is a virtuoso on the Northumbrian pipes.

The 11 sets oftunes are a mixture of traditional and those written by the members of the trio and just see if you can spot the join. The accompanying press release describes the trio as a high octane live experience but, I’m afraid, you will have to take a leap of faith on that score as nothing on the album really gets anywhere near setting the world on fire.

It is all beautifully played and arranged and a joy to listen to, yet there is very little that will sear the memory and have you reaching for the repeat button.

All in all a good thing and for the aficionado probably better than that but, I doubt, that it will have the casual listener jumping through hoops. Ian Ambrose

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