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Amanda Holden Hairstyles and Hair Gene Therapy

In the very near future, it may be possible to rejuvenate gray hair and reactivate dormant Amanda Holden Hairstyles and hair follicles ali with gene therapy.

Quite by accident, scientists at AntiCancer, Inc, a small biotech company in San Diego, California, discovered a way to birth hair producing skin cells. While growing cancer cells in the lab, they tried cultivating normal human skin cells and found that not only did the Amanda Holden hairstyles and skin cells grow, they produced hair.

This serendipitous event led the scientists to further investigation. They found that they could transform skin cells into hair follicles by introducing a special gene into the hair follicle.

Scientists at AntiCancer, Inc have already invented a way to deliver to the hair follicles the natural pigment that gives Amanda Holden hairstyles and hair its color. Just imagine: Within several years, it may be possible to color your hair permanently no more telltale roots.

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