All That Shimmers

High-sheen products have become something of a fashion staple, so it is essential to know your glitter from your gloss.

1 Pearlized shadows glide on smoothly with a brush and create a subtle shimmer, so the more mature face is able to carry them off.

2 Shimmery creams are easier to apply than powder, as they do not disperse and leave you with glitter in unwanted places. They look like a second skin, even when applied in bright colours.

3 For a glitzy night out, a judicious amount of glitter mixed with Vaseline and applied to the eyelids will ensure you shine out.

4 White pearlized shadow acts as a superb highlighter. Sweep it up to the brow bone and line your eyes with smoky pencil, to create a wide-eyed effect. This look works very well with glossy lips, and the shadow can also be used in the centre ofyour mouth.

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