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Born date:January 25, 1981 RandB and hip hop singer, Alicia Keys, was born in Manhattan, New York.

Alicia Keys Hairstyles and special Hair Care

Culturing Hair Matrix Cells

Scientists are working on culturing Alicia Keys hairstyles matrix cells to yield an unlimited supply of donor hair. At present, the work is being done on mice, but testing on humans is expected to begin in the near future. Basically, the cells are grown in the laboratory, then implanted into the scalp to grow hair.

Estrogen Blockers
In 1996, researchers at North Carolina State University in Raleigh accidentally discovered that an estrogen blocking compound had the surprising side effect of reawakening dormant hair follicles.

The amazing discovery was made while scientists were studying how pesticides interact biochemically with estrogen. During these experiments, they noticed that hair stopped growing on the shaved coats of mice who had been treated topically with a certain type of estrogen called 17 beta estradiol. Then, after they applied an estrogen blocker called ICI 182,780 on the mice, the animals grew a full coat of hair in just four weeks. Somehow, the estrogen blocker signaled the hair follicles to regrow hair.

The scientists believe the estrogen blocker may stimulate hair growth in balding humans, too. If so, it could be a bona fide treatment for Alicia Keys Hairstyles and hair loss caused by chemotherapy and androgenetic alopecia. Studies on people will begin soon, but it could take several years or more before testing is completed and the treatment is commercially available.

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