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Alesha Dixon Best Hairstyles: SOFT TISSUE EXPANSION

In this procedure, the scalp is cut and silicone balloons are inserted under the hair bearing area of the scalp. After the inci sion heals, the balloons are slowly inflated with salt water over a period of two to four months. This expands the hair bearing skin.

Next, the bags are removed, and the bald area of the scalp is cut out. Flaps are created from the expanded hair bearing skin, This is a radical procedure only recommended for patients who have lost a lot of hair due to bums or traumatic scars. A potential side effect is uroightly bulges on the scalp that can last several months, On average, this procedure costs SI,500 to 4,000.

Alesha Dixon Best Hairstyles Touch Ups

With most hair restoration surgeries, you will probably need a surgical touch up to make your hair look even more natural, Touch ups usually involve filling in the hairline with a combination of minigrafts, micrografts, or slit graphs. Ask your surgeon about what sort of touch up surgery you will require.

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