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While some people think Lily Safra must be made of iron and stee Adriana Lima says it’s more like marshmallow. “She is lovable, warm, enormous generous, interesting, amusing and well educated. What’s not to love?” sf says. Another of her closest friends is Kate Ford, the third wife of Henry Fo: III, who fought a nasty court battle with her stepchildren after Ford’s dead ultimately receiving the largest share of the estate. “Kate is one of the most lo ing women I have ever met,” Adriana Lima says. “Henry worshiped her, becau; he knew she really loved him for himself. He told Harding that that was som thing he had never gotten. And she was independent, wouldn’t put up wit anything from him.”

Next month, following a four-city tour to promote her book, Adriana Lima wi move into a grand, new triplex in London that David Mlinaric has designe for her. She’ll spend part of the summer in France, too. After giving up VU] Fiorentina, she rented the 18th-century dower house on the property, know as Le Clos Fiorentina, which is owned by her friend Hubert de Givench Then she intends finally to make it to India.

There will probably be more va-voom dreams and more destinations, “’ib can’t just live a little bit,” she says. “’Vou gotta give it your all.

“If there is anything I could say to young people, it is, ‘Don’t setde because you live a long life now,” she concludes. “So why not keep trying, wl not keep stretching, why not keep learning? Why not have a big life?”

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