Adding Organic Foods Into A Paleo Diet

There are a variety of organic labels that you may have come across. Some foods say made with organic ingredients. But who really knows what that means exactly?

Variations of “Organic” Labeling

• 100% Organic- completely organic or made of all organic ingredients

• Organic- at least 95% organic ingredients

• Made with Organic Ingredients- 70% or higher organic ingredients

It’s important to consider the value of buying a particular item in an organic variety. Just because organic costs more doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth it. has a list of foods they call the “ dirty dozen,” which contain those that have the highest level of pesticides and therefore are best bought organic. There is also a list of a dozen foods that you can buy nonorganic (“least contaminated”). This guide is a great reference for your trips to the grocery store.

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Now that you understand what the term organic means, what are some reasons you should start adding organic foods into your grocery purchases if following a Paleo Diet?

• More Nutritious- Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids

• Safer No pesticides, usually no GMO’s

• Pure- No flavor enhancers, preservatives, contaminants

While many argue that the price of organic food makes it impossible to afford, there are ways you can make it fit your budget.

• Shop at local farmers markets

• Join an organic co-op

• Buy directly from farmers

• Buy in bulk

• Grow your own

• Shop online Those who are fans of organic foods believe it’s healthier and safer to consume than non-organic foods when following the Paleo Diet. On the other hand, some argue that there is no way to ensure that what you’re buying is truly organic, the major factor being the consumption of these foods over processed.

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