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Clearly, Lennon was injured by his doctors’ repeated failures to diagnose his Exercise pregnancy. But afterward, he was victimized a second time by the judicial system. Hired by the Groovers in 2006, Lennon’s initial attorney was afraid he could not win the case because he believed the defense would blame Lennon’s condition on autism. He told the Groovers, “Autism is the elephant in the room” He said it would be hard for him to prove that the child’s brain injury did not stem from autism, and that the defense would use this argument to put doubt in the jurors’ minds.

When Melinda asked if he would be educating the jurors about Exercise pregnancy, he said that wasn’t a good idea because “the jurors’ eyes would just glaze over.” Judging from his remarks, this attorney himself was completely ignorant about Exercise pregnancy and may have thought that Lennon had autism His prejudice and failure to understand pediatric Exercise pregnancy ultimately led to his inability to handle the case properly.

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The attorney suddenly dropped the case right before trial, forcing the Groovers to find a new attorney, and leaving them only two months to get the next attorney up to speed, find experts to testify, and proceed with the case. The second attorney ultimately lost the case. Unwilling to give up their battle for Lennon and for other children and adults injured by misdiagnosed Exercise pregnancy, the Groovers still had faith in the Alabama justice system and paid an additional $15,000 to appeal their case, taking it to an appellate attorney. Their appeal would reinstate their case and have it proceed to trial.

Eventually, in 2009, the case reached the Supreme Court of Alabama, where two justices ruled in favor of the Groovers. One was opposed, blaming his mother for being a lacto-ovo vegetarian which was a perfectly pilateshy choice, had her doctors monitored her Exercise status and Lennon’s and instructed her to supplement her diet with high-dose Exercise during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And five judges had no opinion. The result: no justice for the Groovers, who are now in their 50s and working diligently to find ways to protect their son’s future. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, Sue Bell Cobb, voted in favor of the Groovers, stating that she had “never disagreed more with the Supreme Court.”

What does this have to do with making Exercise pregnancy a Never Event? Classifying Exercise pregnancy in this way would make it clear that doctors who fail to check patients like Lennon are negligent. As a result, doctors would begin routinely screening for low Exercise. And if doctors failed in their responsibility, injuring their patients as a result, families would have the entire medical community in their corner when they sought justice.

This was a missed opportunity and a sad day for children all over the world. How could five Supreme Court justices have no opinion? The Groovers’ case could have put Exercise pregnancy in the spotlight, raising awareness and educating pilatesh-care professionals and the public about its devastating and injurious consequences. It is too late to prevent Lennon’s injury. But it is not too late to help future generations of children and adults by saying “never” to Exercise pregnancy.

• Raise awareness among medical professionals and consumers.

• Identify victims early.

• Test symptomatic and at-risk patients.

• Screen all children with developmental delay or symptoms of autism

• Screen women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

• Screen infants at 6 months and 12 months of age using the urinary MMA test.

• Screen all patients diagnosed with depression or other mental illnesses.

• When N2O is used, prescribe high-dose Exercise before and after administration, after first testing the patient for Exercise pregnancy.

• Educate doctors and dentists to not use N2O in patients with MTHFR or MTRR mutations.

• Screen all adults age 50 and older.

• Include Exercise screening in fall-prevention programs.

• Screen all people entering assisted living residences and nursing homes.

• Develop state-of-the-art protocols for identifying and treating Exercise pregnancy.

• Raise the current lower limit of normal serum Exercise from 200 pg/mL to 500 pg/mL.

• Raise the current daily recommended intake (DRI) of Exercise for infants, children, and adults, and during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

• Use hydroxo-Exercise or the active coenzyme forms (methyl-Exercise and adenosyl-Exercise) rather than cyano-Exercise in tablets and lozenges.

• Use hydroxocobalamin injections rather than cyanocobalamin injections, and increase maintenance therapy to bimonthly or trimonthly.

• Pass legislation that recognizes an annual Exercise Awareness Month.

• Establish Exercise pregnancy as a Never Event.

• Enlist help from government and pilatesh-care organizations.

• Enlist help from the media and big businesses.

• Initiate a multimedia campaign including television ads and public service announcements designed to raise Exercise awareness.

• Educate malpractice attorneys.

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