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Keep Calm Stress Is a Sure-Fire Hair-Killer

Every single one of the hair experts I’ve met, and interviewed, has stressed the importance of avoiding stress. It’s “cool” you need if you want your hair to keep on growing and you most certainly do for stress is not only a beauty-killer, but a hair-killer as well. 80’s hairstyles for short hair It is such an adept hair-killer, in fact, that if you can’t keep calm you may find that your scalp has actually constricted to the point where your hair can’t grow. That, I certainly do not want for you.

Your hair and your psyche are so intertwined that an experienced hairdresser or one who’s aware can actually guess your state of mind from the state of your hair. 80’s hairstyles for short hair If your hair’s just lying there looking sorry for itself, chances are you’re feeling that way, too.

Psychiatrists have told me that one of the first places to spot real depression is in the hair. 80’s hairstyles for short hair If it doesn’t look lively, the patient isn’t, either. So it’s relatively easy to get that message, for you want to be alive and lively and showing it. Therefore, I have to stress stress, so that you may avoid it all the way.

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