6 Uses for an Old English Font

6 Uses for an Old English Font on As a young man, he realized that even the most talented African Americans had very limited career opportunities. For such individuals, self-employment enabled them to utilize more fully their talents and to earn a worthwhile income. Although African Americans had gained the right to patent inventions, they encountered challenges in manufacturing and marketing them. However, through strong business networks and creative advertising strategies, many minority businessmen were successful in developing, patenting, and marketing their inventions. Life’s Work In 1907, Morgan opened his first business to sell and repair sewing machines. One year later, he married Mary Anne Hassek, a Bohemian seamstress, with whom he had three sons. That same year, Morgan helped found the Cleveland Association of Colored Men, an offshoot of the National Negro Business League founded by Booker T. 6 Uses for an Old English Font 2016.

6 Uses for an Old English Font
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