5 Ways to Apply Makeup for Spring-Summer


A sun-kissed complexion sends confidence soaring sky-high, but getting your make-up right as well maximizes your holiday appeal.

1 In hot weather, your skin looks and behaves differently, and tends to sweat more. As a result, less is definitely more in the make-up equation.

2 As your skin tans, you need more colour but less coverage from your base. A tinted moisturizer is brilliant for enhancing a natural suntan. ‘A good way to test a tinted moisturizer is down the centre panel of your nose,’ says Millie of Ruby & Millie. ‘This way you will see if it is going to settle well around the pores.’

3 Always use a product with a sunscreen, both at home and on holiday, as damage from UVA rays accounts for the majority of visible premature skin ageing.

4 The sun tends to dry up blemishes and even out a patchy complexion, so apply coverage only where you really need it.

5 Never travel without a good concealer. Even if your honeyed skin looks fabulous, everyone will benefit from a little camouflage, lightly applied in just the right places. A dual concealer (such as those by Laura Mercier and Ruby & Millie) allows you to blend two shades as your suntan deepens, so you can mix exactly the colour you need.

Makeup for Spring

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