5 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Good Cred it Score

Waking up next to someone surely beats waking up next to a bunch of pillows. When you were living alone, you probably had a routine of pressing the snooze button a few times, and then rolling around the bed before you even get up and force yourself to go to the restroom. You probably washed your gloomy face and you snarl at your own reflection. You get ready and drink your bitter cup of coffee to be prepared for work. But the moment you And that special someone who you can wake up next to in the morning, you have a completely different perspective in the mornings. Instead of getting that regular cup of coffee, you’re getting more energized by getting it on. Or so we presume. Here are some reasons why morning sex is the best sex you’ll have!

4. Start off the day with health benefits.

Sex, as we all know, is a completely natural thing. And ifyou didn’t already figure out, sex is also actually quite healthy. The release of certain chemicals in our body during the act of sex gives so many health advantages such as less risk for health problems and many more.

3. A positive start to your long day.

Waking up is already hard enough, but dreading the day is almost just as worse. If you start off the day with a little bit of excitement, you’ll be excited for the rest of the day. You’ll emit a positive vibe to you that you will carry throughout the entire day, even if something does go wrong at work. It will still be stuck in your mind.

2. Stress-reliever 101.

Intimacy is just as physical as working out. And you probably exercise or go to the gym to release some of that stress from work. So if you can put two and two together, then you’ll get the ultimate stress reliever. A good work out is always a good choice to get rid of stress that’s been building up in your body. But ifyou perhaps make love every morning, then you won’t even rememberwhat stress feels like.

1. It will improve your relationship.

Sometimes, relationships can get dull sometimes because of the routine you keep doing. If you spice it up a bit, like let’s say having morning sex, then of course it will excite both you and your partner and it’ll bring you to a deeper level of intimacy. Having to wake up next to her and make love right after is probably the best feeling you’ll ever experience.

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