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measures ranting from improvement! in irrigation and transport. in agricultural credit, marketing and extension service , to the provision of fertilizers und improved seeds. But this does not mean that a forcibtc extraction of the agricultural surplus through taxation or compulsory collection of agricultural produce on the ‘communist’ model is likely to work. This method has not been particularly successful even in Soviet Russia which in contrast lo the overpopulated countries of today started out as a considerable exporter of wheat and still has a considerable amount of unused Iand. A country like India simply doe not possess an ‘agricultural surplus’ in Ihe Russian sense which may be forcibly collected. All we haw got is ihe optical illusion of the ‘concealed saving potential’ based on the misconception that, bccause the marginal product of labour in overcrowded subsistence agriculture is reto. the surplus labour can be removed without reducing total output, thus automatically creating a food surplus to be extracted by taxation and Compulsion. But as we have seen, the total agricultural output is likely to doclino unless those who arc left behind on Ihe land arc given positive economic incentives to work harder aad to adopt more productive methods of cultivation. It is not inconceivable that beyond a certain point the attempt to pursue a forcible method of collecting the agricultural surplus may well drive the pea cants into producing no surplus at all.

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