32 Togetherness Family Tattoo Ideas

One night, not long after de Rossi sought help, she had a dream a nightmare, really in which she was at a work-related party on a yacht. She asked for a diet Coke, and when she put the

“Perfectionist people, very driven people ore highly susceptible” she says. “But you also need a big slua of low self-esteem”

straw to her lips and took a sip, she realized it was regular Coke and went into a my-whole-life-is-over panic. The dream turned out to be sort of prophetic. While still working on Ally McBeal, she decided it was OK to finally eat something and then never stopped. “It was like a floodgate opened,” she says. “I went from 82 pounds to 168 pounds in the course of about four months. After I’d starved myself for so long, my body just hung on to every single molecule of food I put in it.”

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