32 New Braided Hairstyles

If you are having a bad hair day or you simply want to take your hair away from your face, braids are perfect option. There are different types of braids like fishtail braid, waterfall braid, and milkmaid etc. to spice up your look. Most of the braids are very easy to do; commitment free and they give you a perfect new look without chopping or dying your hair.

Here are some examples of different braid types.



Fishtails are very popular braid hairstyles for long hair. They are becoming very popular even among Hollywood stars. You can see fishtails even on the red carpet events like Oscars.


Waterfall Braid (Dutch Braid)

Waterfall braids are easier than they seem. It is also very good braid hairstyles for short hair too. There are lots of video tutorials on YouTube about how to do it. After you watch one of those videos you will be surprised by how little time it takes to make it. Plus, it also makes your hair look thicker.


Milkmaid Braid (Crown Braid)

It is a very classic hairstyle and it never goes out of style. Who would have known that hairstyle of milkmaid hairstyle would be so popular? We can often spot them on the runway. And famous historical figure like Painter Frido Kahlo was using this hairstyle often too. In fact ıt became her signature hairstyle.

It looks really chic and very easy to apply. For this hairstyle you need very long hair.


Five Strand Braid

Lately, this braid became very popular. It is not very hard to do and gives you very different unique look. It looks very similar to fishtail braid. If you want to stand out with your unique hairstyle, you should definitely try this hairstyle.


32 New Braided Hairstyles

32 New Braided Hairstyles Photo Gallery

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