32 Astounding Office Decorating Ideas

32 Astounding Office Decorating Ideas on Through the efforts of Boerhaave in medicine and chemistry and s Gravesande in physics, the University of Leiden had gained preeminence in the Newtonian experimental method. After the university’s last Cartesian mathematics teacher died in 1739, Musschenbroek accepted an offer to succeed him, and when s Gravesande died in 1742, Musschenbroek assumed his teaching position in experimental physics. During the early years at Leiden, Musschenbroek became interested in the phenomena of electricity and performed or repeated all the known experiments on it in less than a month. At the end of 1745 and beginning of 1746, Musschenbroek, with Jean Allamand, an assistant from the university, and Andreas Cunaeus, a lawyer who enjoyed visiting the laboratory, discovered that a jar filled with water stored static electricity generated by a friction machine. The entire quantity of electricity discharged when a person touched the wire connecting the source of the electricity and water in the jar. In January, 1746, after confirming the phenomenon, Musschenbroek wrote a letter in Latin to Ren Raumur, his contact at the Paris Academy of Sciences, who in turn reproduced the experiment. The popularizer of science Jean-Antoine (Abb) Nollet translated the letter and published the first drawing of the experiment with the Leiden jar, as he called the device in his 1746 book Essai sur l’lctricit des corps (essay on the electricity of bodies). 32 Astounding Office Decorating Ideas 2016.

32 Astounding Office Decorating Ideas
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