30 Wonderful Bridesmaid Updos

30 Wonderful Bridesmaid Updos on Although the name Otis is generally associated with elevators and gave rise to the Otis Elevator Company that has operated through three centuries, Elisha Otis contributed other inventions to a society rapidly becoming industrial and technological. Among the inventions for which he received patents were a steam plow, an advanced baking oven, and a brake for railcars. Impact Before Otis’s invention of the modern elevator, cities in the United States were horizontal. It was impractical to erect buildings of more than five stories because of the difficulty of moving people and equipment to greater heights. Otis’s invention has had a profound effect on modern architecture because it made possible the construction of the skyscrapers that create the dramatic skylines of most of the world’s modern cities. Otis, almost single-handedly, changed skyscapes throughout the world from horizontal to vertical as buildings soared to new heights, limited primarily by the ability of very lofty buildings to accommodate the banks of elevators necessary to make them usable and practical. As modern elevators became faster, the buildings that housed them soared to new heights. 30 Wonderful Bridesmaid Updos 2016.

30 Wonderful Bridesmaid Updos
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